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Disinfection & Sanitization

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   Scope of work:

  • Use fogger machine to spray the area in form of aerosol, reaching mist that covers high traffic and hard to reach surfaces. It is also very effective method to control the microbial contamination in the area.

  • Wipe with disinfectant on accessible surfaces and frequently touched areas such as hand rails, switches, doorknobs, cubicle locks, handles, seat backs, arm rests, tables, keyboards, sinks, flush buttons, taps, soap dispensers, toilet roll dispensers, lift buttons, etc.

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Disinfection & Sanitization Services 

Every residential and commercial can turn into a hotspot for all kinds of germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly. Even when you carry out regular cleaning and maintenance works, chances are you have several germs and bacteria on all kinds of surfaces.

While many of the bacteria we come across on a daily basis are harmless, there are quite a few that can cause illnesses and unpleasant reactions in our bodies. For these reasons, it is critical that you take the necessary measures to ensure that your residential and commercial properties are germ-free.

One of the best ways to ensure this is by hiring professional disinfection and sanitization services. With the help of industry-standard cleaning agents and disinfectants, professional cleaners can rid your home or office of all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses easily.

Sanitization Vs Disinfection

Before we move on to the benefits of hiring professional cleaners to carry out the work, let’s understand what sanitization and disinfection really mean. These terms are commonly thrown around, but very few know exactly what they really mean and what they can do.

Sanitization refers to the process of reducing bacteria levels to a safe, public health standard so as to decrease any risk of infection. It may not kill all the viruses present but will reduce them significantly that they pose a much lower threat.

Sanitization does more than regular cleaning, and it is important that any kind of surface that comes in contact with food is properly sanitised.

On the other hand, disinfection is more powerful than sanitization because it is the process of eliminating pathogens and all kinds of micro-organisms that can cause diseases, with the exception of bacterial spores.

It should be noted that disinfection does not necessarily clean dirt from surfaces or get rid of germs. However, after cleaning (which only removes dirt and germs, but does not kill them), some germs may remain on a surface and killing them further reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Benefits of hiring professional disinfection and sanitization services

Hiring professional disinfection and sanitization services comes with a ton of benefits. Apart from the fact that they are experts in their field who know exactly what they are doing, getting your residential and commercial property sanitised and disinfected professionally has the following benefits –

  • They use industry-standard disinfectants

They use industry-grade chemicals which have been approved by regulatory bodies. These disinfectants not only remove harmful germs, bacteria and viruses, but also effectively kills them.

  • Complete sanitization of high-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces such as door handles and knobs, switchboards, the tables in your office reception area or the kitchen countertop or coffee table in your home are more likely to harbour all kinds of dust, dirt and disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses. Professionals can sanitise and disinfect all these surfaces.

  • Reduced risk of infection and falling ill

Once your home or office is free of germs and bacteria, infection is much less likely to spread, which means that you, your colleagues or your family have a reduced risk of falling sick.

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