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Office Cleaning

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  • Extension hour at $30 per hour per cleaner (Subject to cleaner availability)

  • Client needs to provide cleaning materials & equipment

   Scope of work:

  • Vacuum floor

  • Empty all trash containers & replace liners

  • Clean all partitions and desk accessories

  • Dust office equipment, computers & telephones

  • Clean doors & windows

  • Clean conference rooms & reception areas if required

  • Clean & tidy up pantry

  • Clean bathrooms

* Prices quoted are nett

Office Cleaning

Your office is a commercial space where you conduct business, meet clients and partners, and hold a bunch of important meetings. It’s the place where employees come to work every day to help achieve the company goals.

It’s not difficult to understand why maintaining your office space and keeping it clean is so important. A clean office is not just about the appearance; it also impacts the atmosphere in the building and affects the mood and productivity of employees. In other words, a clean and well-maintained office is essential for the growth of the company and for future business.

Whether you own a huge company or a small business, the best way to ensure that your office space not only appears clean but feels clean is to hire professionals to do the work. A professional office cleaning crew has tons of experience working with all kinds of businesses and cleaning commercial buildings, so you can be confident that you are in the hands of people who know exactly what they are doing.

So, what does office cleaning service include? Let’s take a closer look below –

  • Dusting and vacuuming

Professional office cleaning includes dusting of surfaces such as tables, chairs, other furniture, appliances and machinery, etc. It also includes vacuuming of carpeted floors, curtains, couches, and more.

  • Cleaning of light fixtures

Dusty light fixtures covered in debris and cobwebs can make your office look dark, grimy and extremely unkempt. Professional office cleaners will clean all your light fixtures thoroughly so that your office can shine in a new light.

  • Cleaning of reception area or lobby

The reception area and/or the lobby is often the first thing that people will see or experience when they step inside your office building. In order to make a good first impression and show people that you are a thriving business, it is critical that these areas are well-maintained and cleaned regularly so that they look as professional and inviting as possible at all times.

  • Cleaning of common areas like meeting rooms and board rooms

If you have meeting rooms, board rooms or break rooms in your office where people usually gather for important discussions or casual chats, you need to ensure that these rooms are in pristine conditions 24/7. If they are not clean, they don’t feel welcoming, which isn’t good news for business.

  • Window cleaning

Commercial spaces like offices often have large windows, and it’s important that these are cleaned regularly. A dirty, smudgy window not only blocks out the light coming from outside, it also makes your office look dingy and unprofessional. Professional cleaners will clean the glasses, frames, and windowsills thoroughly.

  • Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance is an important part of office cleaning. Since offices are commercial spaces that receive plenty of foot traffic on a daily basis, the floors get dirty very easily and must be cleaned every day if they are to look immaculately clean at all times. With a professional office cleaning crew, it’s easier to have sparkling clean office floors every season.

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