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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

one time cleaning rates

* Prices quoted are nett

  • Extension hour at $30 per hour per cleaner (Subject to cleaner availability)

  • Client needs to provide cleaning materials & equipment

  • Basic cleaning kit is available at $80 per set

  • Vacuum / Ladder at $30 charge if required

    Scope of work:

  • Vacuum and mop the floors

  • Clean rooms and bathrooms

  • Wipe furniture, wardrobes and cabinets

  • Wipe interior windows

  • Wipe doors, glass panels and grilles

  • Clean kitchen surfaces

  • Wash basins

  • General clean of balcony floor

  • Degrease kitchen stove, hood and hob

  • Clean interior of empty fridge

  • Degrease oven and microwave

End of Tenancy Cleaning

While moving out of your old house and moving into a new home can be exciting, there are some not-so-fun parts that you have to take care of too. One such task is your end of tenancy cleaning.

As the name suggests, end of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning that you do before you hand over your old house to your landlord, your agent, or the next tenants. The best way to restore your old house to its initial condition is by having a professional cleaning crew do the work, and there is a good reason for this.

First of all, there may be some serious cleaning that needs to get done such as getting rid of stubborn stains, removing grimy dirt from the kitchen, deep-cleaning the bathroom, etc. and a professional cleaning crew knows exactly what needs to be done to get all these areas sparkling clean.

Secondly, if you clean the property on your own and it’s no up to the standards of the agent or the landlord, you can be called to clean it again or pay a hefty price for a cleaner that is recommended by the agent. Usually, the prices of these cleaners are slightly higher. As such, if you want to get your bond back or you want to save yourself from the hassle of cleaning the property twice, it’s best to do it right the first time by hiring professional cleaning services for your end of tenancy cleaning.

Here are some areas that you need to make sure are thoroughly cleaned during your end of tenancy cleaning:

  • Bathroom

Your bathroom is probably the room that requires the most cleaning. Your cabinets, basin, counter, toilet, mirrors, shower area, tubs, floor, walls, taps, and other bathroom fixtures all need to be cleaned, and any stains should be removed. If required, you will have to descale your tiles and fixtures and even polish them so they can look as good as new.

  • Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, there are plenty of areas that need your attention. The inside and outside of your cabinets, shelves, walls, floor, countertops, and appliances such as your dishwasher, oven, stove, and fridge all need to be cleaned and disinfected meticulously so that they are ready for the new tenants.

  • Bedroom

Many people often concentrate too much on cleaning the bathroom and kitchen during their end of tenancy cleaning that they often forget to clean the bedroom thoroughly. The bedroom is an area in your house where you relax and get a good night’s sleep. It is important that the room is capable of doing that for the next tenants too, just like it had done for you. The closet, cupboards, floor, windows, etc. all have to be cleaned meticulously.

  • General cleaning

Apart from these, end of tenancy cleaning also includes general cleaning of the property such as removing cobwebs, sweeping and mopping your floor, cleaning your light fixtures, cleaning your windows and windowsills, cleaning doors, door knobs, and door frames, vacuuming your floor, and more.

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