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Move Out Cleaning

one time cleaning rates

* Prices quoted are nett

  • Extension hour at $30 per hour per cleaner (Subject to cleaner availability)

  • Client needs to provide cleaning materials & equipment

  • Basic cleaning kit is available at $80 per set

  • Vacuum / Ladder at $30 charge if required

    Scope of work:

  • Vacuum and mop the floors

  • Clean rooms and bathrooms

  • Wipe furniture, wardrobes and cabinets

  • Wipe interior windows

  • Wipe doors, glass panels and grilles

  • Clean kitchen surfaces

  • Wash basins

  • General clean of balcony floor

  • Degrease kitchen stove, hood and hob

  • Clean interior of empty fridge

  • Degrease oven and microwave

Move Out Cleaning Service in Singapore


Are you moving out of your house or apartment soon? Do you need help with cleaning the mess leftover in your place for the last five years? Consider getting help with our professional post-move out cleaning services.


Chores involved in moving out


Let’s admit it: moving out can be hectic given the long days of planning and organizing that it takes to successfully leave a place. It can be a nostalgic experience too, especially if you have lived somewhere for a long time and are moving out with plenty of stuff. A key part of relocating to somewhere else is cleaning your current place of dwelling.


Move out cleaning consists of cleaning your former home with minimum furniture lying around. This part is essential if you are turning over the rights to your place to a buyer or to a landlord who would expect your place to be left clean. Leaving your living space dirty and in a mess can make it appear unpleasant for the place’s future resident; sometimes, it can even result in a penalty!


It may be challenging to clean your place all by yourself, especially if it is a large home and you do not have anyone else helping. That's why we are offering move out cleaning services to you at attractive prices. Providing clean and professional cleaning services is our motto which allows us to make a move out process hassle free for you.


What does moving out comprise of?


Move out cleaning in Singapore is different from regular cleaning sessions. The former involves deeper cleaning of areas around your home, usually when someone is moving out or following any festive season. Move out cleaning covers thorough wiping of surfaces, nooks and corners to make your living space ready for the next owner. As you can imagine, moving out cleaning is a much more labor intensive process since it covers parts not covered in regular cleaning.


When is the perfect time to get move out cleaning services?


The best time to get move out cleaning services is right before you leave your place. Former tenants and landlords can benefit from using this service since it allows new tenants to get a positive and pleasant view of their residential place. It also improves health and well-being when you move into a place that has been properly cleaned and sanitized for the comfort of you and your loved ones.


With that, it is vital to invest in the right cleaning company to ensure you have pleasant service. Cleaners at our company have been background checked, are reliable, and trustworthy. They have been trained to work with a variety of cleaning products to deliver properly washed and shining surfaces. We clean entire living spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms focusing on wiping surfaces and tidying rooms. We also dispose of all your garbage items and turn the place ready to inhabit by the next person or family. If you are looking for professional move out cleaning services in Singapore, give us a call today.

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