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10 Mistakes Homeowners Often Make by Spring Cleaning Without Professional Help

Most of us have inherited our cleaning habits from our parents. Like all the different home remedies passed down from generation to generation, spring cleaning methods and tips have been served down from one generation to another. In addition to cleaning every nook and cranny, it is important that you add maintenance of the household products to your list. However, there are several mistakes that homeowners often make when spring cleaning their residences and offices without the help of spring cleaning services in Singapore.

Mistakes made by Homeowners

Here are the 10 main mistakes that people make during spring cleaning that will help in saving valuable time and better cleaning of the premises.

1. Using one rag to clean the whole place: It comes as no surprise that a rag gets dirtier the more it cleans. Using only one rag can spread germs from one place to the entire house. Instead, a professional help will keep a stack of 100 percent microfiber cloths or cotton cloths. These can be changed when one gets dirty.

2. Cleaning a place from floor to ceiling: Most of the homeowners are unaware of the fact that mopping or vacuuming the floor first is a wrong approach. An expert always starts from the top and works his or her way down. This happens so that all the dirt and dust knocked down by fans and ceiling gets cleaned up in a jiffy.

3. Starting the cleaning process without any plan: Most homeowners often make the mistake of starting their spring cleaning without any plan of attack. A professional spring cleaning service always analyzes the place first and prepares a plan to tackle everything. If the place has multiple stories, start the cleaning process from upstairs and make your way down. In case the place is a single floor, starting from one side of the house is a better option as it helps in tackling a room at a time.

4. Using Weak Home Cleaning solutions: Most people look for environment-friendly home cleaning solutions for their spring cleaning. Though it is admirable, most of them are not at all effective on tough grime. Many times stronger and expert cleaning products are needed to clean your house in a way that is easier to maintain with somewhat weak cleaning products.

5. Using Paper Towels for drying the surfaces: An expert spring cleaning service knows that microfiber or cotton cloths are more efficient than the paper towels used by most people in their spring cleaning. This is because, unlike paper towels, they do not leave lint behind. They also avoid damaging or scratching delicate TV screens and furniture.

6. Washing windows on a sunny day: This is a surprising inclusion on our list. Most of us think that washing windows is better on a sunny day as it can illuminate where the dirt is maximum on the windows. However, this is not right. Washing the windows is always good on a cloudy day as sunlight caused the cleaning fluid to dry out more quickly on the panes. This could leave some hard to remove stains and streaks behind.

7. Vacuuming pet fur with wrong attachment: As a pet owner, we often face trouble cleaning the pet fur from the house. Most of the time, it is the case of vacuuming with the wrong attachment. An expert spring cleaning service always advises the use of a rubber bristle brush as a vacuuming attachment that is attached to the vacuum tube. This helps in sucking the hair directly to the vacuum canister from the brush. Make sure that you get the right one that fits the head of the vacuum cleaner perfectly.

8. Replacing the Vacuum bags only when they are full: Most of the latest models of vacuum cleaners give an indication as to when their bags need to be changed. However, this is not the case in older models. Changing the vacuum bags only when they have become too full can have a negative effect on their performance. Regular changing of the vacuum bags need to be done for them to work effectively during the spring cleaning process.

Harmful Mistakes

These mistakes can prove to be life-threatening when not taken care of.

9. Mixing of different Chemicals: A professional spring cleaning service is trained in mixing and combining chemicals to create the right cleaning mix for different purposes. However, mixing these chemicals without any training or knowledge can create harmful and dangerous fumes. This is because most of us have no idea regarding which ingredients react with which other ones. For example, bleach and vinegar, two common cleaning chemicals, when mixed together, produce chlorine. Exposure to this gas at low levels too can cause burning in the eyes, breathing problems, and coughing. Higher exposure can cause severe problems like pneumonia, severe breathing difficulties, and even death in some cases.

10. No proper ventilation: A cleaning professional always knows that ventilation is an important part of the spring cleaning process, especially when you are using different chemicals for the same. Opening the windows is a simple act that is often neglected by homeowners. Not only does it help in airing out the place, but it also helps in counteracting the indoor air pollution caused due to the use of different cleaning chemicals.


Remember, caring more about the house appearing clean than it being really clean is a big mistake most of the homeowners make. Spring cleaning is a process that helps in reducing the health hazards and risk of infection for the inhabitants of the place. It also helps in increasing the life and expectancy of the costly home furnishings. It is important that you have a clear understanding of the methodology and process of the spring cleaning for it to be successful and make your place a healthy home. This is where professional spring cleaning services in Singapore can help you out. Spring Cleaning Singapore services bring loads of experience and expertise with them to your place. After all, it is better than wasting valuable time that could have been spent in other important areas of your house.


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