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What to Look for In Office Cleaning & Disinfection Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Currently, the world is going through an unprecedented crisis. Yes, you have guessed it correctly. We are talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Until 06th October 2020, more than 35,908,798 people got infected with the novel coronavirus, claiming 1,051,440 lives. The situation is no different in Singapore, where 57,830 patients became infected, and 27 victims succumbed to it. However, things are changing for good now in most countries.

Business and daily activities are coming back to normal. In this scenario, you might be looking for a professional office and house cleaning service. They would help you in weekly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the property to use them without any worries. Consider this write-up if you are looking for the attributes of top-rated service providers dealing with office and house cleaning Singapore.

Professional and skilled service provider

The first thing which you should ensure before assigning a task to a home cleaning service in Singapore is whether they employ a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and professional employees. The cleaning team should have in-depth knowledge regarding with pre-move in cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. Customers expect them to remain well-versed with sophisticated vacuuming and cleaning gadgets, and the latest cleaning agents.

The spring-cleaning agencies should also safeguard their employees’ safety during service. They must provide them with a sufficient number of N95 masks, gloves, PPE suits (Personal Protective Equipment), goggles, caps, and face shields. Professional service providers regularly conduct thermal screening and coronavirus testing of their staff members. They send them for frequent throat and nasal swab testing to minimize the chances of becoming infected or transmitting the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Common surfaces to be covered

The cleaning employees focus on disinfecting and sanitizing various surfaces depending on the location and the type of services you have ordered. If you are looking for an office and house cleaning Singapore, primarily focus on high-contact surfaces like door handles, switches, countertops, desks, tea tables. On the contrary, if you have booked a post-renovation cleaning, they would be keen on removing every trace of debris from the premises and imparting a spotless clean touch to every corner.

Similarly, the pre-move in cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning remain concerned with painting walls, cleaning wardrobes in bedrooms, tables, sinks and cabinets in the kitchen, and washroom flooring and shower crucibles. During the pandemic, the emphasis should be on restricting the flow of dust and germs throughout the property. So, professionals use state-of-the-gadgets and antimicrobial sprays that limit microbes' growth for a prolonged period even after disinfecting them.

Types of cleaning agents used

The top-rated cleaning services in Singapore always use highly effective and safe disinfectants for sanitizing your premises. Most of them prefer three classes of compounds for these tasks. The first type consists of 1% sodium hypochlorite based bleaching agents for removing stubborn stains from tiles, walls, elevators, stairs, and corridors. Since this compound has a germicidal function and bleaching activity, you can confidently use them for regular cleaning in the pandemic.

However, cleaners should compulsorily wear chemical-resistant gloves while using the 1% sodium hypochlorite solution. They must also prevent contact with any acid-containing compounds. There are chances of highly toxic and hazardous chlorine gas emission due to a chemical reaction between these compounds.

Professionals also use ethyl or isopropyl, alcohol-based cleaning agents for sanitizing door handles, doorknobs, countertops, chairs, and tables. These liquids may also contain an associated second agent- hydrogen peroxide for enhancing efficiency. However, alcohol is inflammable, so we never allow an electric spark or burning flame in the same room while using the solution. These days, most of the hand sanitizers are alcohol-based for their germicidal and water-free function. The presence of glycol in these products prevents skin irritation.

The Journal of Hospital Infection reported that it is possible to completely eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a mixture of 62% to 72% ethanol and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. You barely need an exposure of one minute to this solution for killing all the germs from the commonly touched surfaces. This mixture is far more effective than widely used cleaning solutions containing 0.04% benzalkonium chloride or 0.06% sodium hypochlorite.

Frequency of services

The frequency of using professional cleaning agencies’ services during a pandemic depends on the property type. If you manage business premises like office, diagnostic center, or clinic in Singapore, repeated cleaning and disinfecting several times in a day becomes essential to ensure clients' safety. Numerous people frequent these establishments, so the chances of germs and dirt accumulating on the exposed surfaces maximize in these scenarios. The contaminants need to be removed at the earliest to retain the safety of the building.

On the contrary, if you book a cleaning service for your home, weekly cleaning can serve the purpose. Limited people visit and reside on your property. So, less amount of dust and dirt deposits on the commonly touched surfaces. However, if you keep them unattended for a prolonged duration, the furniture may get discolored and tarnished. Some cleaning agencies also provide a part-time maid to regularly dust and clean properties.

Reviews from existing clients

It is better to conduct a detailed research about the cleaning agencies in Singapore before booking their services. Check the recent reviews and ratings posted by existing clients on authentic search portals for attaining an idea about their efficiency. You may also refer to the feedback provided by neighbors and other entrepreneurs who have recently used their services.

Do not forget to inquire about the ingredients of the cleaning agents, types of sanitizing devices, and the skill and experience of the cleaning team. Check whether the agency follows the protocols mentioned in the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard, especially if you conduct a post-renovation cleaning.

So, now you know about the office cleaning & disinfection and sanitization services in Singapore. Call the best service provider in your locality to spotlessly clean and sanitize your surroundings today.


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