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How Should You Go About with Post-Renovation Cleaning?

Interior and exterior renovations are a big deal. Think budget, time, labour and post-renovation mess. Depending on the scale of the renovation project, you can either choose to opt for house cleaning service or take on the task yourself.

Most individuals prefer to take the former route with a professional home cleaning service as an ongoing renovation is stressful enough, even without the burden of putting everything back together. The primary reason for going with house cleaning Singapore experts has to do with more than just the fear or stress of extra work.

The ins and outs of post-renovation cleaning

It is common to order for pre-move in cleaning in all the big cities across the world. Accumulated dust can pose a huge threat of allergies. Besides, who wants to step into a furbished house only to find it dusty and musty? The same applies to the situation when there has been a renovation. Disinfection and sanitisation services, along with a thorough clean-up, is essential to ensure that the home environment is safe and neat enough to resume daily life.

Any renovation project, whether for a house or an office, means an upheaval.

  • Furniture has to be shifted

  • New installations are in place which requires sanitisation.

  • Old stuff requires to be moved or re-organized.

  • A deep cleanse to take out settled dust, cement, paintwork, and so on is crucial before resuming activities.

If it’s a private house that has been redone, a part-time maid can be hired to help out with the massive amount of work all these entails. In case of business space, office cleaning services need to be ordered unless all employees want to pitch in and clean up (which is highly unlikely).

The truth is, the heavy lifting is better left to professionals who have experience in providing cleaning services. It is simply more time and labour efficient and the cost incurred levels out when compared to the number of work hours and energy saved.

What exactly needs to be done post-renovation?

Cleaning up post-renovation isn’t as simple as weekly cleaning in a small household. Here’s what needs to be done in most cases after a major (or medium scale) renovation project:

  • Dusting: While the construction workers do a customary clean up after they leave, it is never enough. Dust easily gets into places, and a light brush with the broom doesn’t take all of it out. Thorough dusting of all surfaces, ceiling fans, cabinets, small items on display, grates, vents and everything that was exposed during the renovation needs to be done to ensure that surfaces are clean.

  • Vacuum cleaning: All upholstery including rugs, bedding, sofa and other nooks and crannies need to be vacuumed to remove construction debris and stray dust particles. As anyone with spring cleaning experience knows, there is always more dust in a room than meets the eye.

  • Scrubbing: In case of toilet or floor renovation or remodeling projects, it is often important to engage in scrubbing. Scrubbing old tiles to match the new, scrubbing basins, floors of the room where painting has been done. Scrubbing is an essential activity when end-of-tenancy cleaning is done as basins and floors tend to get stained over usage and time. Post-renovation, you may want to enjoy a fresh and brand new look to your home, and that is not possible with stained areas in the house.

  • Hand wiping: Contrary to popular opinion, hand wiping is essential if you want your door frames, windows, surfaces, tools, railings, doorknobs, and so on to appear clean and shiny. A big remodeling project means that you need to wipe down everything high, low and in between. A good place to start is with the baseboards, walls, windowsills and tracks and other areas in proximity to where the renovation took place.

  • Sanitising: This step goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. With strangers in the house, it is always best to sanitise everything. However, this is the most important if the work has been done in or near the kitchen space or areas with less direct sunlight and poor ventilation. Wiping down surfaces and stuff in open cabinets with a sanitiser helps to remove leftover dust, and does away with any germs that may have set up camp there.

  • Floor moping: Last but not least, the floor has to be thoroughly vacuumed after everything else has been cleaned because all the dust shaken off eventually finds its way to the floor. Wet mopping ensures that whatever fine particles may have stayed on get removed.

These are only the exteriors that get cleaned. Other post-renovation work includes shaking down clothes in the closets and rinsing utensils if the kitchen was close to the remodeled area. That is a lot of work, right?

Advantages of hiring professionals to do post-renovation cleaning for you

The availability of house cleaning services can be invaluable for a number of reasons:

  1. No stress: The amount of stress and extra work that can be saved by hiring help is a no-brainer. Managing daily tasks with a remodeling project going on can be pretty difficult. A huge mess that's waiting for you can make those cortisol levels skyrocket. It is best to pay a little to get a lot of relief from unnecessary stress.

  2. Move-in sooner: Trained professionals can clean up a room efficiently in much less time than it would take untrained hands and eyes. And the sooner the construction site resumes the shape of a home, the sooner you can settle in!

  3. No need to buy cleaning products: Most professionals offering home cleaning services come equipped with their own products. That’s a blessing as you don’t have to endure the headache of choosing and buying the best products. There are too many options to choose from in the market, and it can be baffling. Besides, the cleaners know best which products to use.

  4. Trained help: You get people who are professionally trained to do the job for you. Experience matters.


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